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New Fatal Frame Heading to the Wii U…But Only in Japan


New Fatal Frame Heading to the Wii U…But Only in Japan

There are a few survival horror games that left scars on my psyche, games that more than a decade later I still have nightmares about. Silent Hill 2 comes to mind, a game which 12 year old me found so traumatic that to this day I’ve never finished it. And then there’s Fatal Frame.

Rather than relying on cheap jump scares, like so many games do these days, Fatal Frame was psychological horror in the truest, scariest sense. Its subtlety made it no less disturbing, which is why I’m so excited that a new Fatal Frame is set to spook the next generation! You can check out the trailer above!

It was announced on a Japanese livestream tonight (this morning?) that Zero: Nuregarasu no Miko (which other sites have translated as Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden) will be released for the Wii U on September 27. In the spirit of the series, you’re tasked with capturing ghosts by taking pictures of them, this time using your Wii U GamePad as your camera.

The catch? It’s only being released in Japan, at least for now. Like Fatal Frame 4 on the Wii back in 2008, it hasn’t been translated into English and so far there are no plans to publish it outside of Japan. This, despite the fact that Wii U has relatively few exclusive titles, and even fewer geared toward adults.

Personally, I think it’s in Nintendo’s best interest, and that of the Wii U, if they were to bring it to the States. But what do you think? If you’re a fan of the Fatal Frame series and would like to play Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden, add your signature to this petition!

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