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Dragon Age: Inquisition–New Details on Romance Options, Modding, Fan Input, and More


Dragon Age: Inquisition–New Details on Romance Options, Modding, Fan Input, and More

Today, a Q&A session was held with Mark Darrah (executive producer), Mike Laidlaw (lead designer), and Cameron Lee (producer) regarding Bioware’s upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition. So many questions were answered that my brain hurts.

But hey, there were PLENTY of new details and confirmations that came out of it. Check ’em out! Each piece of information is organized according to different categories so that hopefully, when you’re done reading, your brain doesn’t hurt as badly as mine does.

Love is in the air tonight, my friends. I guess.

Discussions on Varric’s character arc in Inquisition have not occurred. For those of you hoping for a potential romance arc with him, sit tight. If nothing else, nobody has ever said “no.”

Romance scenes will not necessarily be focused just on sex. All romance moments are hoped to remain “both moisturized and supple, like a well-tended leather jacket, swaying gently on the back of a bar’s patio chair in the twilight of the first warm day of the year.” Yup. That was the provided answer when one fan asked “Will there be awkward dry humping like in the first two games? 😛 ”

There will be a bisexual romance option.

There will be a total of 8 romances.

Of those 8, only 2 have racial preferences (for story reasons).

There are romance options outside of the cast of companions or advisors.

Some “special cases” make it so that each race of Inquisitor will not have equal amounts of potential romance options.

And then all the leftover miscellaneous information that just quite didn’t make sense in a category:

The Inquisitor will be referred to by his or her surname.

One fan asked if Fenris or his voice actor, Gideon Emery, would make a return. To which, Darrah responded with a mildly sly “You may indeed see Gideon Emery again.”

There will be Red Jenny.

There are different mounts, of which you may collect and ride whichever ones you choose.

Many nugs have been harmed in the production of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Hey look, developers can be funny too.

There will not be a toolset at release. It appears Bioware is trying to get that in, but there are “significant” challenges.

You will be able to hug some of your companions and advisors, haha.

Beta invites will be available to all before the game actually does go live.

Random fun fact: Cameron Lee’s favorite companions are Sera and Bull.

Frostbite will not be moddable at launch.

Bioware does read forums and take into consideration fan input when making games. However, consolidating and accommodating for so many different people’s different opinions make this a bit difficult.

Plans for DLC are not completely established as of yet, but players should not expect any DLC at launch

There are specific character cards (akin to those of the Major and Minor arcana tarot card deck).

The male Qunari is “a bit shorter” than the Iron Bull.

No, you cannot steal Vivienne and Empress Celene’s dresses and wear it yourself GOSH.

The Inquisitor in Inquisition is said to display emotion even better than those characters in other Dragon Age or even Bioware games.

Inquisitors can participate in general banter using an opt-in system.

The dragon shown in the first few trailers is a different species than the Ferelden Frostback.

Love is in the air tonight my friends. I guess. Anyway, make sure you give Bioware some thanks for providing us with so much info!

And still, these weren’t the only details to emerge from today’s Q&A. There were also plenty of details shared about character customization, characters & combat, as well as story & gameplay. Make sure you take a look!

You can look forward to Dragon Age: Inquisition launching later this fall, October 7th, on all of PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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