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New Abyss Odyssey Trailer Features Gameplay Elements and Lovely Art Style


New Abyss Odyssey Trailer Features Gameplay Elements and Lovely Art Style

Atlus has released a rather lengthy trailer for the upcoming side-scrolling title, Abyss Odyssey. The trailer mainly shows off the title’s gameplay elements where you take control of the game’s heroine, Katrien, and make your way down to the bottom of a pit to battle a great evil.

The trailer features many RPG-like elements such as the ability to level up, assign skill points, talking to NPCs, as well as stopping at shops to buy items for your character. Abyss Odyssey will also support local and online multiplayer, which is a big plus for anyone who loves playing games co-operatively. The art styles and animations in Abyss Odyssey do look beautiful and it’s easy to draw comparisons between this game and last year’s Dragon’s Crown, which was also published by Atlus.

The combat system looks rather complex, and the story of Abyss Odyssey itself seems to show some promise. This might be a good title to be on the lookout for.

Abyss Odyssey will be made available for the PS3, XBOX 360, and PC as a downloadable title this summer.

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