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A New MOBA Is Coming to Town: The Witcher Battle Arena


A New MOBA Is Coming to Town: The Witcher Battle Arena

Can we call this a MOBA fever? I think we can, because they are everywhere these days. Anyways, I believe this is great. The MOBA genre is exploring new horizons and I have huge amounts of respect for games that require the skills that MOBAs do. Given that, you can imagine the good news that came today with CD PROJEKT RED and Fuero Games announcing The Witcher Battle Arena, a mobile MOBA set in The Witcher universe.

Following the trends that CDP RED has had since its beginning (like no extra fees for DLCs) this game will be free to play. What’s even better is that it will NOT have a pay-to-win system, which is more than an important condition for a great F2P game nowadays. The devs have even said that every item available for purchase can be unlocked in-game without charge.

The Witcher Battle Arena will offer at least three gameplay modes: 3 vs 3 in maps with spots that must be conquered and held, a 6 player group against bots, and even solo mode, for those moments in which the internet is taking a break or you are just tired of other people.

A very interesting feature announced was the possibility of a character progression system that allows users to create “player-tailored character builds and unique items configurations”. This can turn out to be a very innovative thing if developers aren’t afraid to challenge an already thoroughly defined type of game.

Initially, players will be able to choose one of 8 characters taken from The Witcher universe: Eithne of Brokilon, Philippa Eilhart, The Golem, Iorveth, Letho of Gulet, The Operator, Saskia of Aedirn and Zoltan Chivay. However, future updates are already planned, with expanded gameplay modes and new characters looming over the horizon.

This new game, designed by CD PROJEKT RED and produced by Fuero Games, is set to be released in the last months of 2014 and will be featured on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows (tablet).

All in all, this is definitely good news. We have come to trust CDP RED on its great content and gameplay productions and I am sure that any game that comes with such a rich background story such as this can be really great.

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