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Mighty No. 9 Launches Crowdfunding Campaign…Again


Mighty No. 9 Launches Crowdfunding Campaign…Again

After getting well over 400% of it’s funding goal the first time around, Mighty No. 9 is starting a new crowdfunding campaign to add more features into the game. Mighty No. 9 developer Keiji Inafune took to YouTube to announce the new campaign and to explain why his team felt that more funding was necessary.

The base Kickstarter campaign from last year ended with almost $3 million raised, and that is more than enough money to make Mighty No. 9 the game Comcept has promised to fans. This new crowdfunding campaign will instead provide bonus content and additional features for the game. The first piece of new content up for bid? English voice acting.

The $100,00 stretch goal set for adding English voices to the game is currently the only goal being offered under the new crowdfunding campaign, but we can certainly expect to see more in the future. Rather than run the campaign through Kickstarter again, Comcept is instead hosting the funding themselves and accepting money through PayPal donations.

The lowest donation level, $23.00, will net you a digital copy of the game when it’s released for either 3DS, WiiU, Vita, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 or Xbox One. If you want something more than just the game, expect to shell out some cash. $50.00 will get you the final game, plus the digital Retro Manual, Artbook, Strategy Guide, and Soundtrack. $80.00 will get you Steam Early Access, the digital rewards, and a DRM free copy of the game on release.


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