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Have a Lovely Look at Final Fantasy Explorers Gameplay in Action


Have a Lovely Look at Final Fantasy Explorers Gameplay in Action

Today, there was a Japanese exclusive Nintendo Direct presentation that focused on a few third-party developers’ titles set to arrive on the Nintendo 3DS. Fortunately, Square-Enix was there to show off some lovely footage of their upcoming Final Fantasy Explorers. The developers seem to be taking a slightly more Monster Hunter-esque action approach fitting within the franchise’s universe, filled with familiar monsters, classes, and lore. Rather than seeming like a flat-out clone, the various elements and combat options do give Final Fantasy Explorers a more unique feel, thankfully. Basically, it looks great so far.

The video above gives a close look at the different classes you and your friends will be able to adopt and the different monsters you will encounter, namely the notorious Ifrit. We’ll be sure to let you know when more information surfaces on Final Fantasy Explorers, including a release date and all that good stuff. Feel free to sound off in the comments below about what you’re interested in seeing brought to the game!

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