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A Look Back at the Mass Effect Trilogy


A Look Back at the Mass Effect Trilogy

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As most everyone that’s interested is more than aware of by now, Mass Effect 4 is looming on the horizon. With that to look forward to, and having just recently completed my own first playthrough of the existing trilogy following Shepard’s exploits across the galaxy, I thought it would be great fun to opine on the franchise as it stands. More than just a look back at what the Normandy’s crew had to go through in their epic struggle against the Geth, the Collectors, and the Reapers, I thought I’d put in some thoughts on how this series has aged since initial release while the whole set is still fresh in my memory (so fresh, in fact, that I’ve already begun a new game from the beginning again).

mass effect logoI’ll start with a bit of background work here. While the internet was afire with tons of spoilers, discussions, and in-depth analyses of Mass Effect and its sequels, I actually managed to avoid almost all of it; not so much that I didn’t see anything at all, but I certainly didn’t see anything that made any sense to me as an outsider, so none of it was retained outside of how hotly-contested the ending to the third chapter of Shepard’s tale was. Beyond some vague notion of “it’s an RPG in space”, I actually had no idea whatsoever what it was I was getting into when I picked the trilogy up as a birthday present for myself from the local game shop. After some soul-searching to get my way through character creation, I was off to the races with my first Shepard, Jenna, the do-good military brat.

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