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King's Bounty: Dark Side Release Date Revealed


King's Bounty: Dark Side Release Date Revealed

King’s Bounty has always been one of those franchises which can’t really be described. Its appeal at first glance would seem to be a little small but the fanbase is so dedicated that new entries to the series have been frequently popping up since its resurgence in 2008. The series itself even spawned another fan-favourite in the Heroes of Might and Magic franchise . The latest release in this series, King’s Bounty: Dark Side, has been sat in the Steam Early Access garage for a little time but now a release date for the full version has come out from the dark side and into the light.

Offering players the opportunity to play as bad guys from three different classes, King’s Bounty: Dark Side offers up well over 100 quests to complete, new units to the property to kill, and a fifteen totally new locations to engage in battle over. Fans of strategy and fantasy who haven’t yet taken a look at King’s Bounty: Dark Side probably should, there’s a heap of Early Access reviews and footage already out there to help you decide.

King’s Bounty: Dark Side will break free from the development womb August 14, 2014 with two seperate editions being available. The basic edition will be available at launch, costing €17.99 /$24.99/£15.99 and offering the basic experience. If you want a little more however, the Premium Edition at €21.99 /$29.99 / £18.99 will house additional quests and locations along with an amulet to increase experience gains. If you buy into the Early Access program anytime before release you automatically get access to the Premium Edition on launch but for the same price as the basic edition.

This announcement was also paired with a new trailer, showing plenty of gameplay to help would-be baddies decide.

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