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Kerbal Space Program Career Mode Update


Kerbal Space Program Career Mode Update

The award winning PC title Kerbal Space Program has released a major career mode update, entitled First Contract. The cleverly named career mode update adds in 3 important features: the ability to take on Contracts, manage Funds, and earn Reputation. Rep is earned through the completion of contracts, but can be lost if you fail a mission or (god forbid) you blow up your Kerbals. These additions were made so that players could get into the game in a more structured way, using funds to buy rocket parts progressively. 

Contracts that are received will depend on the reputation level of the player, which starts off at a neutral level. These contracts can be picked up at the now-usable Mission Control Center, which for a long time was an unusable structure.  The contracts can very from simply testing parts to (much less simply) exploring the solar system, or even rescuing a Kerbal stranded on another planet or mün (Hmmm… I wonder how he got there….). All these contracts are offered by Kerbin Agencies based on the players progress and reputation, and they are all time sensitive, so they must be completed by the deadline.

To advertise this update, they created an adorable animated video, featuring none other than Jebediah Kermin himself. More info on the update can also be found on the KSP blog.

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