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Japan Console Sales Flat Despite PlayStation 4 Release


Japan Console Sales Flat Despite PlayStation 4 Release

The PlayStation 4 is currently the fastest selling home console of all time, having already sold 9 million units after just seven and a half months on the market.  That being said, the ravenous pre-orders and early market success that occurred in most territories around the world did not really replicate in Japan.

The console released in Japan months after other territories in February, and with almost six months of being on the market, there hasn’t been any real significant boost in overall Japanese console hardware sales year over year. The increase from this time last year equates to roughly ¥4 billion, or $4o million.  For the past two months, the PlayStation 4 hasn’t been able to sell more than 10,000 units in a given week in Japan, which means that in terms of units sold it has been less popular than the PlayStation Vita or the Nintendo Wii U, two pieces of hardware that have struggled significantly everywhere else.

Taking into account the entire video game market in Japan, there was only about a $2 million increase in sales year over year.  Whether or not this can be entirely attributed to the relatively smaller level of interest in the PlayStation 4 than in other territories is questionable, as the console market in general seems to just be kind of stagnant in the territory.  Perhaps the right software just hasn’t been released yet for the console that will set it on fire in Japan.  Only time will tell if, eventually, the PlayStation 4 can repeat the massive early success it has had virtually everywhere else.

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