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Hearthstone's Curse of Naxxramas Priced


Hearthstone's Curse of Naxxramas Priced

After announcing it earlier this year, Blizzard has set a price for the Hearthstone expansion Curse of Naxxramas.

Players will be able to access the first of five wings later this July. If they do so during the launch window, which will last around a month, you’ll get access to it for free. The next four wings can then be purchased for $6.99, or 700 in Hearthstone gold, each. They’ll be released at a rate of one per week.

Blizzard had this to say about the first wing:

 The web-choked corridors of the Arachnid Quarter are home to the bosses Anub’Rekhan, Grand Widow Faerlina, and Maexxna. Defeating these bosses will add new cards to your collection and give you a taste of the dangers that await you deeper inside Naxxramas.

The announcement also detailed Heroic Mode:

Heroic mode bosses are significantly more difficult than their normal versions, and they will prove to be a challenge for even the most veteran Hearthstone players. Defeating all of the bosses in Naxxramas on Heroic mode will unlock a new card back for your collection.

Are you looking forward to the expansion?

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