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Gone Home Retail Edition Comes in a SNES Box


Gone Home Retail Edition Comes in a SNES Box

Gone Home is one of those games where if you’ve played it, there is no way you have forgotten it. So brazenly, unabashedly different from everything else, Gone Home has impacted the industry in a way few other games have, and if you played it, it probably impacted you in the same sort of way.

A lot of Gone Home‘s impact comes from an assured sense of tone and atmosphere, of place and time. Perhaps no other piece of art has better evoked the 90s than Gone Home, which is one of the many reasons that its coming retail edition for PC, out now, is so special. Boxed like an SNES classic that its characters would have played, the retail game comes with both a Steam and physical CD copy of the game, the soundtrack, all of the audio diaries, a designer’s notebook with 40 pages of detail from The Fullbright Company, a special poster from the game, and a DVD case for the physical game that I am in love with.

The full image is below. You can order the North American version here, and the European version here.


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