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Gigantic, A Free to Play MOBA Has Been Announced


Gigantic, A Free to Play MOBA Has Been Announced

Featuring a gorgeous art style, Gigantic has been announced by developer Motiga. While they haven’t technically labeled it a MOBA(multiplayer online battle arena) game, they called it a “Team Action Game”, featuring a diverse cast of playable characters.


Face it girls and guys, it’s another MOBA. That is a good thing! As a huge fan of MOBAs, I’m always excited for a new contender, and this one seems to be developed with a lot of love. It appears to be taking the 3rd person action and creep-selection elements of Monday Night Combat, but in a more fantastical setting.

Check out the announce trailer below:

I’ve already signed up for the alpha, and you should tooGigantic doesn’t have a set release date yet, but hopefully we’ll have some more info soon.

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