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Ghost Recon Phantoms Undergoes an Overhaul + Steam Offer


Ghost Recon Phantoms Undergoes an Overhaul + Steam Offer

Three months after the launch of Ghost Recon Phantoms, Ubisoft is making some major changes to its overall gameplay. They have drastically changed the new user experience while making changes to some of the basic gameplay mechanics. These changes include weapon re-balancing, some re-activity changes (i.e.: time between sprinting and being able to fire and other similar actions), and others that allow new users a more fair chance against veterans of the game.

Along with these gameplay adjustments, changes have been made to the leveling system. New users can level up five times faster, and will have access to competitive weapons  within the first five hours of gameplay. This makes the game more accessible and fun for newcomers. New playlists have been added for the new users, as well, including the Beginner and Lieutenant playlists. These allow players to learn the game at their own pace against other new players before they jump in with the vets.

The icing on the cake? To celebrate these changes, Ubisoft is having a three day Steam offer. You can download one free starter bundle every day from July 11 at 6pm UK time until July 14 at 7:30 UK time. Participating in this offer ought to make catching up that much easier.

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