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Get the Destiny Companion App for Tomorrow's Beta Now


Get the Destiny Companion App for Tomorrow's Beta Now

Bungie has released the Destiny companion app today, with an update to support tomorrow’s beta launch. The app is free from iTunes or Google Play, and comes with a slew of features so that you can look away from your big screen, and focus on a tiny screen in your hands instead.

The app will allow you to check out your Guardian, track your stats, and make armor changes you’ll see immediately in game. Aside from a convenient wardrobe change, the app is also a loot box, allowing you to monitor your inventory and view the loot you’ve acquired in missions. You can also use the app to access Destiny‘s collection of lore for a variety of the game’s characters, settings, and events.

Destiny Companion App

Too hot for your screen.

On top of its wardrobe/lootbox/lorebook functions, the app is also your access to all Destiny forums, messaging applications, and news updates for the game.

The Destiny beta, which comes with a preorder purchase, hits PS3 and PS4 tomorrow, July 17, and will be staying until July 27. Sadly, the FPS goodness won’t make it to Xbox 360 and Xbox One until July 23.

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