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Gearbox Releases Trailer for Battleborn


Gearbox Releases Trailer for Battleborn

Gearbox Software has released a new trailer for their new game, Battleborn. The genre-smashing studio has another potential masterpiece to reveal! Lovingly called a hero-shooter by the dev team, the game is set to combine the minion-destroying elements of MOBA’s with fast-paced first-person gameplay. According to the Battleborn website, the setting is in the distant future in a dying universe, where a new generation of warriors must put aside their differences to put a stop to an overwhelming evil. The trailer boasts a cartoon-like art style, similar to what we saw in the Borderlands franchise. For many gamers, Gearbox and 2K are household names, and this title is definitely one to look out for in the future. It is confirmed for release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2015

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