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GAME UK: Pokemon X & Y Charizard Distribution


GAME UK: Pokemon X & Y Charizard Distribution

Pokemon X & Y came out last year and introduces many new elements for the long running series, not the least of which being Mega Evolutions.  For certain Pokemon both new and old, a Mega Stone could be given to them to cause an in-battle evolution, adjusting certain stats in the process.

One of the older Pokemon to receive this ability was Charizard, and now, if you are in the UK and didn’t get the chance to find a Charizard in game, you can pick one up at a participating GAME.

From July 11 to August 10, participating GAME UK stores will run this promotion via the Nintendo Zone, and the Charizard will come holding the proper Mega Stone for each game, as the Pokemon was one of a few to have different Mega Evolutions for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.  

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