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Future BioWare Games Could Include More Romance Options


Future BioWare Games Could Include More Romance Options

BioWare games are known for the depth of their characters and the extensive options that players have when creating a protagonist that they feel they can relate to. A big part of being able to relate to BioWare characters comes from creating romantic relationships with other characters in the game. At last week’s GaymerX2 convention, some of the writers of Dragon Age: Inquisition led a panel on the topic of romance.

Some of the highlights of this panel include some of the goals that the developers are hoping to reach in terms of romance. The possibility of allowing players to enter polyamorous relationships was discussed, although the writers did share that they were currently restricted by the way the games are programmed. They also discussed potentially adding more failure conditions to difference romance subplots and perhaps even using factors other than race or gender in order to determine who can be romanced. Towards the end of the panel, the topic of asexual romance was also brought up and the writers noted that it was something that has been requested and something that they are interested in.

The panel is currently available for a listen on BioWare’s YouTube channel.

[Source: Kotaku]


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