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Final Fantasy Type-0 Fan Translation Project Shut Down


Final Fantasy Type-0 Fan Translation Project Shut Down

Square Enix revealed at this year’s E3 that Final Fantasy Type-0 would be coming to the west with a HD port on the PS4. However, as fans of the title might be aware, there was a fan translation project in the works for the game as well.

Square Enix has just sent the translator a ‘cease and desist’ letter, leading to a complete shutdown of the fan translation project for Final Fantasy Type-0.

According to the fan site,

“Unfortunately I’m forced to remove my posts and pages related to the popular Final Fantasy Type-0 fan translation project. That’s right, certain game company thinks that threats and false accusations are the way to treat its biggest fans. For the time being I can’t answer questions related to this matter, but I’ll write a more comprehensive post about all this once I get the chance.”

Perhaps we’ll hear more details about this issue in the coming days.

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