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Far Cry 4 Will Push Vertical Limit, Says Narrative Director


Far Cry 4 Will Push Vertical Limit, Says Narrative Director

If there’s one thing Ubisoft Montreal knows how to do, it’s make an open world that takes video games into new frontiers. In a recent interview with Examiner, Narrative Director Mark Thompson discussed some of the unique features of the Himalayan environment of the upcoming Far Cry 4. According to him, its world is going to be largely focused on vertical movement and hazards.

“The world is a lot more vertical, [which] gives us a lot more new gameplay opportunities,” he continues. “It allows us to add new features like the gyrocopter, the grappling or climbing system. Then every time you move to a new location in Far Cry 4, you have a new ecosystem. We have a new set of animals that bring their own unique opportunities. We have eagles now, so [players] will be vulnerable to attacks from above. [The verticality] adds another dynamic to the way the open-world is seen.”

Just the memory of getting chomped by a shark while diving underwater is enough to make me shudder, so I can’t wait to experience having eagles swooping down at you while trying to climb a mountain. Speaking of mountains, one last thing he mentioned about this game’s environment is how elevation will play into it.

“Later on when you start to get to the tops of those mountains, we start to play with the environment a little bit, we have lizards. Some places you even need to use oxygen to get to that altitude.”

Trying to fight enemies while being attacked by birds and suffering from a lack of oxygen? Yup, that about sounds like Far Cry 4 is staying true to its pedigree of pushing the boundaries. We’ll all see how it turns out on November 18th.

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