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Failing Kickstarter Leads to Explosive Rocks


Failing Kickstarter Leads to Explosive Rocks

Rawr Labs has a game on Kickstarter that is likely going to fail.  If you look at the trailer for that game, Explosive Dinosaurs, it seems like a collection of mini games that would be fun enough.  With failure being imminent though, and with the recent attention given to Rock Simulator 2014, Rawr Labs has released a funny parody of the trailer for there game that could have been.

Here is Explosive Rocks:

The developer notes in the about section for the video that it was “inspired by Rock Simulator, a “game” that got like 1000% more media coverage than our Explosive Dinosaurs… and that’s sad.”  Whether or not this is the case, it is somewhat ironic that this video, and the stance it takes, will likely garner Rock Simulator 2014 a little more media attention, even if it is negative to perplexed as has been most of the coverage on the game so far.

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