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Epigenesis Official Launch Date Announced


Epigenesis Official Launch Date Announced

The Early-Access game made by Dead Shark Triplepunch (what an amazing name, by the way), Epigenesis now has a confirmed launch date as well as a European tournament. The self-proclaimed cybernetic basketball game with space lasers is set to launch its final build on August 1, 2014. Why is this important? Well, this game has it’s credentials already as an early access game, winning Sweden’s game of the year. It also was praised as a possible new e-sport by judges in 2013’s Make Something Unreal, a game creation contest hosted by Epic Games. It went on to also win that competition as well.

Speaking of competitions, Dead Shark is hosting a tournament to promote the official launch of the new game. It will be sponsored by Cooler Master, a leading competitor in PC gaming peripherals and power supplies and cooling. No date has been confirmed for the competition, but you can stay tuned to the Epigenesis website, as they will be releasing more information there.

New features of the final build of Epigenesis include a new queuing system, including one-button matchmaking, allowing players to find and choose a multiplayer match. 3 new maps are also available for single player.

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