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The DualShock 4 can Now be Used Wirlessly on your PS3!


The DualShock 4 can Now be Used Wirlessly on your PS3!

The PS3 has always been compatible with the PS4’s DualShock 4 when connected via USB. Thanks to some savvy users over at Reddit, we now know that a recent update has now allowed players to connect their DualShock 4 wirelessly to their PS3.

Some handy guys over at TheSixthAxis put together a step-by-step list on just how you can connect your DS4 to your PS3:

  1. Connect DS4 with wire to PS3 then turn on.
  2. Go to Accessory settings.
  3. Select Manage Bluetooth Devices, and start  scanning for device.
  4. Unplug DS4
  5. While scanning hold the PS & Share buttons on the DS4.
  6. When the light flashes quickly on DS4 plug back in and select Wireless Controller.
  7. Let registration complete and then unplug.

It’s worked for me and hopefully it will work for you! Though it is worth noting that the PS3 still recognizes the DualShock 4 as another generic controller, so full functionality is not here just quite yet. It’s also worth noting that this is not official support from Sony. Still, it works well enough. Players won’t be able to enjoy vibration, sixaxis functions, or make use of the PS button, but hey, it’s something.

Now please excuse while I go replay Mass Effect with my DualShock 4.

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