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Is Your Dream to Make Video Games? This Dev Wants to Help


Is Your Dream to Make Video Games? This Dev Wants to Help

Video games are great, that’s why we’re all doing what we’re doing right? It’s why I’m sitting here writing this article, why you are reading it, and why we all play them. Do you aspire to one day make your own video game? It is a dream that many people have, and Ryan Shah of Kitatus Studios wants to help these people make their dream come true for the very reasonable price of free.

Shah, who in addition to developing games is a published writer, wants to create an accessible and easy to read book to distribute digitally for free and to libraries around the world. His goal is to teach anyone who wants to make video games how to do so in a cost effective way. With enough support, he is also looking to translate his book into multiple languages.

It’s a noble cause and hopefully it finds its way into the hands of as many people as possible. If you would like to keep tabs on the project or support it, mosey on over to Indiegogo and check it out!

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