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Dragon Age: Inquisition–New Story and Gameplay Details Emerge Straight from Bioware


Dragon Age: Inquisition–New Story and Gameplay Details Emerge Straight from Bioware

Today, a Q&A session was held with Mark Darrah (executive producer), Mike Laidlaw (lead designer), and Cameron Lee (producer) about Dragon Age: Inquisition where so many questions were answered that my brain hurts.

But hey, there were PLENTY of new details and confirmations that came out of it. Check ’em out! Each piece of information is organized according to different categories so that hopefully, when you’re done reading, your brain doesn’t hurt as badly as mine does.

Given that nobody wants to spoil the story, details in this section are limited, but there were some things shared nevertheless. Don’t worry, no spoilers. Unless you’re really into Griffins.

There will be no Griffins in the story.

Different character specializations will influence moments in the story, the degree to which varies based on the specialization.

The game will feature “black and white” choices in the story but other choices will feature multiple outcomes based on a variety of situational factors.

A good bunch of stuff regarding general gameplay and world mechanics were also shared:

For players who may not be the best at open-world gaming, you won’t be left high and dry:
1. There will be a minimap.
2. Players can place custom plot points.
3. Quests can be marked as the active quest to help guide your travels and adventures.

There will be a healthy amount of side missions. However, most of them have gone beyond the bog standard of side missions and have been contextualized so that most of them actually make sense as something the Inquisition would do to either “win the hearts of the people or otherwise help increase the Inquisition’s power.”

Different Keeps do affect gameplay.

Different cultures and cultural roots will be evidenced by changes in art styles.

There will be snow, rain, and dust storms in some areas. A weather system thus seems to be in place.

It is possible that your Inquisitor will enjoy “fancy clothes” and attend festivities amidst the chaos of the game.

Not all areas in the game will be available from the start. Some will be unlocked once players have a valid and rational reason to visit them.

The game will have riddles and puzzles.

Rarity of loot is organized via a color-coding system.

Inquisition sounds like it’s panning out a lot more fine-tuned than its predecessors. Can I get a YAAAS? Make sure you give Bioware some thanks for providing us with so much info!

And still, these weren’t the only details to emerge from today’s Q&A. There were also plenty of details shared about character customizationcharacters & combat, as well as romance & modding. Make sure you take a look!

You can look forward to Dragon Age: Inquisition launching later this fall, October 7th, on all of PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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