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Dota 2 Overflowing Compendium Update Released


Dota 2 Overflowing Compendium Update Released

Valve has released the final batch of Compendium rewards for Dota 2 via update today. The update includes a plethora of new items, the majority of which are exclusive to Compendium owners who have reached a certain requirement level.

Animated chat emoticons have been unleashed that can be used in game, allowing you to use chibi version of various heroes in your chats.



Weather effect items have also been unfurled.  These allow you to equip various items in your player loadout that will give the match snow, rain, or even a “moonlight” effect.

The final items released for Compendium owners was the Mini-Pudge courier–including an alternate skin for him and two alternate skins for the previous released Lieutenant Squawkins courier.

The update also added in live rewind functionality for replays and spectators for all Dota 2 players. This feature allows users to pause, rewind, and more easily fast-forward spectated matches. Prior to this update, you would have to restart the entire replay to watch a portion that you missed.

Currently, Valve has no further stretch goals announced for the Compendium, having previously crossed the $10,000,000 threshold.



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