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Don't Starve: Reign of Giants PS4 Release Date Announced


Don't Starve: Reign of Giants PS4 Release Date Announced

If you’ve ever thought that the dangerous world of Don’t Starve was a little too forgiving for your tastes, you’re in luck. Reign of Giants, the DLC pack that adds an entirely new level of challenge and a bunch of new features to the game, has been dated for the PS4 for North America and Europe. PS4 players will be able to pick up the DLC pack on July 22 in North America and July 23 in Europe. The pack will cost $4.99, but PS+ members will get a 10% discount at launch.

The Reign of Giants DLC adds new content to the already feature filled world of Don’t Starve. One of the main struggles of the vanilla game was saving enough resources during the summertime to survive the harsh winter. Now, the struggle isn’t just confined to winter. Reign of Giants adds a full year of seasons to be suffered through. Summer now comes with the danger of blistering heat, spring will send the violent rain at you. Two new characters now join the roster: Wigfrid, an actress stuck in her character, and Webber, a boy stuck inside a spider. The world has also grown to accommodate more characters and seasons, meaning that there are new biomes to be explored, including new creatures and new gatherables. And finally, a new save slot is added in with this DLC pack.

Oh. And giants. Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants adds giants to the game.

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