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Diddy Kong Racing Sequel Might be in Development


Diddy Kong Racing Sequel Might be in Development

Bless ye gods of the Seven Kingdoms, both Old and New.

Let’s take it back to the Nintendo 64 when this magical game named Diddy Kong Racing was released. Despite the existence of Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing did surprisingly well, with some fun new tricks and differences one could not find in a Mario Kart game. With all that success, one might have thought a sequel was inevitable. Well, clearly that didn’t happen. Instead, we got a Diddy Kong Racing port to the Nintendo DS years later. Better than nothing, I suppose.

Still, that doesn’t mean a sequel wasn’t wanted by its many fans. Today, however, a rumor has broken that a sequel for Diddy Kong Racing is in development. According to Kevin Callahan, an alleged industry insider, a Diddy Kong Racing sequel has been in a development rollercoaster only the likes of Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, or Fallout 4 might understand (Okay, it’s probably not that bad).

He mentions that, at one point, a Diddy Kong Racing sequel was in serious development for the Nintendo Wii. But some things happened that led to its not happening:

1)  The low sales and poor reviews of 2007′s Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast.  This was a racing game based on the Donkey Kong license.

2) Sales for 2007′s Diddy Kong Racing DS did not live up to Nintendo’s expectations.  Although the game would sell over 1 million units worldwide, it was a huge drop from the 4-5 million that Diddy Kong Racing sold on the Nintendo 64.

3) In 2007, Nintendo had negotiations with Microsoft to acquire/purchase some of the characters from the original game (including Timber, Pipsy, and Taj the Genie). Microsoft was asking for more money than Nintendo was willing to pay.  This was the same year that Nintendo prevented Microsoft from putting Goldeneye 007 on Xbox Live Arcade.

With even more oddities surrounding developers involved with the franchise, some hope has arisen that gives some reason to the idea that a Diddy Kong Racing sequel is in development now on the WiiU:

Two things would renew Nintendo’s interest in a Diddy Kong Racing sequel.

1)  2008′s Mario Kart Wii would sell over 35 million units worldwide.

2) 2010′s Donkey Kong Country Returns would sell over 6 million units worldwide.  The game sold more than any Zelda or Metroid game for Wii.

There’s some more interesting stuff mentioned. Read on.

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