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CS:GO Update Adds More Realistic Bullet Physics


CS:GO Update Adds More Realistic Bullet Physics

If you’ve ever played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive you’re probably familiar with the sheer frustration that game can cause. Now imagine a scenario in which shooting at the metallic side of a vent is more effective than shooting through the open grate at the end of the vent. That doesn’t make too much sense, does it?

Valve’s latest update to CS:GO released just yesterday adds bullet penetration physics that are more intuitive than they previously were. Before, it wasn’t easy to determine through what surfaces bullets would penetrate the most since they didn’t seem to follow a logical pattern. Now, the materials are sorted from what is most easily penetrated to what is impenetrable based on reasonable standards of what we can all consider tough and non-tough materials. Down below is the breakdown of the different materials from weakest to toughest.

Glass Very Easy
Cardboard Very Easy
Metal Grate Easy
Wood Easy
Plaster Average
Tile Average
Metal Hard
Concrete Hard
Brick Hard
Solid Metal Very Hard

Another common problem addressed with the update was that of bullet penetration damage. Bullets would previously penetrate a material and potentially do as much damage as they would had they not gone through anything, which makes little sense. It was often difficult to predict whether or not the bullets would do damage, so the update adds stats to the guns that make it clearer just how much damage they could do when penetrating materials. Every gun’s damage when penetrating through a material will exist as a function of the damage the gun deals, its penetration number (seen in the in-game buy menu), and the sheer amount of material it has penetrated to when it reaches the enemy. If you’re still unsure of how this could work, Valve also provided a handy visual example with the picture below.


Now that bullet penetration makes a lot more sense, all of us lower-level CS:GO players will finally be able to hide behind certain walls and feel safe! Hooray for progress!


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