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Crytek Loses Homefront Game Director


Crytek Loses Homefront Game Director

Crytek UK, which infamously has suffered from the loss of a good chunk of its developing staff, has now suffered from another loss, this time it’s the loss of the Homefront Game Director. Homefront: The Revolution’s game director, Hasit Zala has confirmed to Kotaku that he has walked away from the studio that has been in the news lately due to the practices that have led to employees struggling to communicate with their superiors or even get paid.

It sucks to hear that so many people are struggling with this once great developer. It sounds even more troubling when the game that seemed to be bringing them into the next generation is suffering from so many great losses, but the worst part is that the future does not look very good for anyone under Crytek. As Kotaku reports, it isn’t just the UK offices of Crytek suffering but also their headquarters in Germany, which still hasn’t been able to pay its employees since we reported the problem a while back.

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