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Cliffyb: "I Am Determined to Not Make Blue Streak Pay-to-Win"


Cliffyb: "I Am Determined to Not Make Blue Streak Pay-to-Win"

During a Reddit AMA, Cliff Bleszinksi stated that he will do everything in his power to allow anybody to be competitive in his new free-to-play arena FPS Blue Streak.

He stated:

I want that one player who likes the game and doesn’t feel like spending any money to be able to take down the trust fund kid that’s spent a ton of money to have All The Stuff.

He also explained that his free-to-play hopes are what inspired them to partner with Nexon, the creators of the popular MMORPG, Maple Story.

I’ve never shipped a Free to Play game before. That’s one of the MANY reasons why we’re going with Nexon, they can provide server structures and a global peek into gamers of all types and guide us into a game that’s more “Shut up and take my money” as opposed to “shaking you down for your hard earned cash.”

So we’ll experiment, tweak, tune, and most importantly, build a positive community around the game as we develop it.

Details on Blue Streak are still sparse, but we expect to hear more soon.

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