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The Countdown to Cliff Bleszinski's Next Game Has Begun


The Countdown to Cliff Bleszinski's Next Game Has Begun

Everyone knew that Cliff Bleszinski was going to come back to game design. Some will choose to be cynical about it, and taunt the chest high walls and 7th grade reading level dialogue of his last series, Gears of War, and I would agree to a point. But I don’t think anyone can hold against those titles at the very least a consistency of ideas and some excellent design lying underneath the common surface complaints against the series. All of this to say that I don’t think Bleszinski deserves some of the cynicism thrown at him.

And to introduce that there is now a countdown timer pointing towards the announcement of whatever the hell it is that brought Bleszinski out of retirement. At the moment of this writing, it ends in 4 days, 21 hours, and 18 minutes. Subject to change of course, except for the ending; July 8th.

I guess we’ll find out then. I speak with all optimism intended, but if this is another cover shooter I might have to take a chainsaw bayonet to his computer.

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