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Celebrate 4th of July GTA V Style


Celebrate 4th of July GTA V Style

In true Grand Theft Auto fashion, Rockstar has released a limited time “Independence Day Special” in the vein of the “Valentine’s Day Massacre” DLC from a few months back. Players who download the special, which features an “association with Ammu-Nation” (the most patriotic store in the game), will be granted access to “two new star spangled rides”, a “high-powered musket” and a “Firework Rocket Launcher.” Along with these additions, the pack also brings “seven new properties” with “plenty of yard space to scorch the grass with your very own Fireworks show.” Finally, the pack includes some patriotic t-shirts and masks, and grants players the ability to venture down to Pleasure Pier and ride the Ferris Whale and Leviathan Roller Coaster. Players will have until mid-July to grab the pack and celebrate American nationalism in GTA V.

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