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Camp Miiverse Starting Today


Camp Miiverse Starting Today

According to a post on the Miiverse earlier today by verified user Tom, Camp Miiverse is starting today and will span over the next few weeks.

Camp Miiverse is essentially a series of gaming events hosted by Nintendo that anyone can participate in so long as they own the games involved. Details on each day’s activity will be posted in the Camp Miiverse community and will include different challenges relating to each game. Players will have to post screenshots confirming that they completed the challenge on the respective game’s community and results for the challenges will be posted the following day.

Camp Miiverse events will be taking place every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Events on Mondays and Wednesdays will be day-long while Friday events will run through the weekend. More information on events and challenges can be found on the Camp Miiverse community page.

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