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Bungie Teases Moon Access in Destiny Beta


Bungie Teases Moon Access in Destiny Beta

The Destiny beta launched yesterday on PlayStation consoles and fans are taking the opportunity to explore every nook and cranny that Bungie has made available for them prior to the game’s full release.

Take a poke through the beta’s overworld map and you’ll see the Moon hanging out. Well that looks fun. Let’s go.

Oh hey the moon

A small detail, but still a telling one: you can press the X button to select the moon and delve deeper into the map.

Let's go to the moon

Awesome. Now here we are in the Moon’s individual map. As you can see, there is one location prime for selecting. It may be locked for now, but we should be able to take care of that. Let’s see.

Moon Almost There

Okay, so I don’t meet the requirements just yet. Fine, we can just meet those and then come back later to explore the giant orb of cheese in the sky.

Moon Coming Soon

Oh. Well. Just when you thought you would be able to access the Moon. Bungie, the foul temptress that she is, pulls back.

For many, I can imagine that it seemed possible for players to get onto the Moon and explore it. After all, Bungie sure let us navigate through the maps for a bit only to be rejected. Clearly enough, it seemed to be their own way of injecting into the beta “Hey, if you want to go here, make sure you actually buy Destiny when it launches on September 9th.”

I can’t blame em, after all they are trying to make money off this. But they set a trap, and I fell for it. Oh well. Like you just read, you can enjoy playing Destiny and getting onto the Moon on September 9th on all of PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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