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Best Buy Accidentally Sold $45 Xbox One Consoles


Best Buy Accidentally Sold $45 Xbox One Consoles

A few lucky Canadians had a great day today, when they discovered Best Buy Canada listed the Xbox One console with Rayman Legends for the beautifully low price of $44.99.

The listing, now corrected, was uncovered this morning by Reddit user Z3ppelinDude93. Many commenters noted that Best Buy reserves the right to cancel any orders placed for the cheap console, but some mention the trick is to order online, reserve at a local store, run over there, and get your hands on your painfully cheap Xbox One before Best Buy gets a clue.

“The people in store don’t know what’s going on and just give it to you,” commented paulx441, who also included a receipt proving the concept, although he himself did not participate in the deal. The same user also adds that “some people got other stores (such as Futureshop) to price match the Best Buy site and get the 10% price matching difference. Those are the real legends because you have to convince a manager at another store to think that Best Buy wasn’t making a pricing error.”

Do you know anyone who managed to grab an Xbox One for one Ulysses S. Grant? Let us know so we can worship at their sale-snagging feet.

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