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DICE Introduces Battlefield 4 Battlefest, a Summer Event


DICE Introduces Battlefield 4 Battlefest, a Summer Event

In what initially seemed as another apology without ever really saying “I’m sorry”, DICE has announced Battlefield 4 Battlefest, what they call a “festival built for gamers”, which is an event that will be filled with weekly rewards, contests, in-game content, and some very interesting prizes. Yeah, give summer a big sunny welcome on the battlegrounds. There is really no need to recount all of the problems Battlefield 4 had for months since its launch. However, this might prove to be the best “fan appreciation” event DICE has ever created while trying to unbreak our gamer hearts.

Battlefest will begin with a double XP weekend on July 12-13. After that, the event will also include free camo unlocks, additional double XP events, and community missions. Nothing really new there, since we have already had those as a way to make up for the time lost when the game was unplayable, and most players have already unlocked most of the things in the golden battlepacks.

One of the community missions during the “Fan Appreciation Month”.

However, on the cool side, July 12th will also be the first day of a daily contest called Battleshots, in which players have to submit game screenshots related to different theme requirements. Every daily winner will get an AMD graphics card, a $50 gift card for the DICE store, and a Battlefield 4 Premium membership for any available platform. This contest is set to go on until August 13th so read the official rules and just get into it.

In addition to Battleshots, a Stunt Video competition has also been announced; during the month-long Battlefest, players will be able to submit videos of their stunts. The best 12 will be chosen by DICE and then the community will get to vote for three winners who will receive a secret “massive prize”. The official rules for this competition have already been posted. You can also check the video below for a great stunt example.

All in all, this looks like a pretty interesting event and DICE has already said there are even more announcements incoming. I have to say that even if we are getting those boring battlepacks, the extras really add something different. Even if you are not taking part in the competitions, just watching those awesome Battlefield 4 stunt videos is worth the while.

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