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Basketball Pro Management 2015 returning for a New Season


Basketball Pro Management 2015 returning for a New Season

Running around on a court while your sneakers squeak and commentators squawk with inane statgasms is nothing new in the world of gaming for basketball lovers. What may surprise some though (hell it surprised me) is that Basketball Pro Management 2015 coming by the end of this year, co-developed by Umix and Cyanide studios. What may be even more surprising than that though is there have been three previous entries in the series. Umix have been developing them since 2012 as one of the more niche yearly sports entries. This year there’s going to be some significant upgrades to the current formula.

Of course Basketball Pro Management 2015 will, as ever, involve the management of finances, training, team selection, and transfers. Umix and Cyanide are going to be turning the title into a force to be reckoned with this year with full 3D simulation visuals (an improvement over the 2D viewpoint of previous titles) which in itself is probably going to tempt a great deal more fans out of the woodwork to buy the game. A deeper focus on AI programming has been put in place to bring about more realistic matches and the game interface will be revamped to make it a more ergonomic experience.

If you’re still a little unsure on all this number-crunching simulation business then remember these two facts; SEGA’s Football Manager 2014 topped the UK PC retails charts for 17 straight weeks recently and Adam Ryland’s Extreme Warfare wrestling simulation series is still held in high regard by untold legions of fans the world over.

Can’t wait to start some simulated slam dunking? Well you’re going to have to wait a little because the title has been penned in for a targeted release of Quarter 4 2014.

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