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Arkham Knight Will Feature Batman at War


Arkham Knight Will Feature Batman at War

It seems that Rocksteady is doing everything in their power to make Batman: Arkham Knight the definitive experience for donning the cape and cowl.

Speaking in an E3 interview, Rocksteady Studios Producer Dax Ginn gave new details about the game and its development. First, Ginn explained the close relationship the studio has with DC Comics. “We’re in daily contact talking about the creative directions and the creative license that we can take with things” Ginn stated, “so that we can design a game that we know delivers that ultimate, awesome gameplay experience.”

Interestingly, Ginn dropped details about a location that players will be able to visit within the game:

“Areas like the penthouse at the top of Wayne Tower — which is Bruce Wayne’s private office — that was something that we feel is a space that hasn’t been deeply explored, so that we could design the location of where the Bat Pod goes, for his change of clothes — from his suit into the Bat Suit.

We put a massive bar in there, because he’s always entertaining. So little things like that, that fit the way that we’ve interpreted Bruce Wayne. It’s awesome for us to just let loose and really come up with a creative space that we feel is true to the Arkham experience, but also true to Batman.”

And when asked exactly how much players will be able to play as Bruce Wayne, Ginn coyly responds with “No idea what you’re talking about.”

Many fans know that one of Batman’s biggest strength is the allies he has to help fight crime night in and night out. So what does Ginn say when asked about the supporting characters in Arkham Knight?

Those characters have been part of the Batman Universe for so long, but we, in the telling of this part of the story, wanted to ask ourselves: what happens when Batman goes to war? What happens when the people that he loves start to pay the price for the decisions that he makes about his war on crime?

Because that’s what it is, it’s war in Gotham. The Arkham Knight, his forces have brought war to Gotham, Batman unleashes the Batmobile; unleashes the battle mode of the Batmobile, but there’s vulnerabilities around him that he can’t control. So that’s really where the emotion of the gameplay comes in.

It seems that war can’t come soon enough. Batman: Arkham Knight will release in 2015 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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