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ArcheAge Enters Closed Beta July 17th


ArcheAge Enters Closed Beta July 17th

ArcheAge is one of those MMOs that has serious potential. The zoneless world is the brainchild of Lineage developer Jake Song where players can build farms, sail uncharted seas,  even erect massive castles. This huge sandbox has been available to play in Korea and Japan since 2013 where the title has seen a fair degree of success. In April 2014 the title’s Western publisher, Trion Worlds, began to offer Founders Packs. These packs exist in three forms. The most expensive, dubbed the Archeum pack, gave buyers Alpha access but at a fairly hefty price (£109.99/$149.99). The two other packs, each of which costing a significant portion less than Archeum, offered access to the closed beta.

After a little silence on the matter, a date for the first ArcheAge closed beta period has come into the world.

From July 17th 10am PDT to July 21st 10am PDT, founders will be able to delve into the first instance of closed beta access. During this time a level cap of 50 will be in place. As development progresses, these closed beta events (each of which lasting 3 to 5 days) will become more frequent and save your progress so you’re not going to be stuck rolling up a new character every single time a new event starts. Anyone interested is able to sign up for the chance at getting an invite to the Closed Beta but there is no guarantee you’ll get in. For those wanting a guaranteed opportunity to experience ArcheAge, the founders packs are still available.

There’s a little side nugget of news here too. During each closed beta event, no NDA will be in place. So what? Well it means any livestreamers, YouTubers, or people who just like to take screenshots, are welcome to to do so and share their experiences with the world.

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