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Animal Boyfriend Available for Android


Animal Boyfriend Available for Android

The game has seen a million downloads in its native Japan. It lets you create your perfect boyfriend and guide him through life, you can even take him to special events. Releasing today in America, Australia, Canada and the UK, you too can now fall in love with your perfect partner in Animal Boyfriend.

I may have forgotten to mention that your boyfriend is an animal…

Taking the role of a teacher, Animal Boyfriend gives you a student animal who recently took a human form. It’s your job to raise him and maybe become lovers. If we look away from the whole Teacher-Student relationship taboo here for a moment… you know what no. Still a little creepy. If this sort of thing sounds more like a fun activity for you and a little less like beastiality-lite then your thanks should be directed at Ambition Co,. Ltd.

Animal Boyfriend is a free to play game with in-app purchases supporting the title, letting you take a wolf, dog, cat, rabbit or fox under your wing as a student/lover. Strange as this all might seem to some, the imminent release of Hatoful Boyfriend which is the same sort of thing but with birds garnered a large amount of media attention and interest from gamers around the world.

Seriously, if I have to write another word about this I’m going to have to dip myself in a chemical bath. So if you want to know more or even want to investigate the Animal Boyfriend world the game is available right now, just so long as you’ve got a version of Android higher than 2.3.  iOS users need not fret however, the title will be available sometime later this month on the platform.

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