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7 Video Games That Are Exactly Like Your Real Life Relationships


7 Video Games That Are Exactly Like Your Real Life Relationships

In the aftermath of a Steam sale, I naturally take stock of my collection and, no doubt like many of you, consider the titles I will definitely play, may play, and likely will never even install. As I was scrolling through my current list deciding what to play next, I found myself having an emotional reaction. It occurred to me in that moment that every video game I’ve ever played brings to mind a series of memories and feelings just like with people I’ve known over the years. Here are some examples of video games that, for better or worse, feel like real-life relationships to me.

Max Payne – The Party Pal

Max Payne

Sometimes a good friend can also be that devil on your shoulder; the person who you get together with, raise hell for a period of time, and then don’t see for a while. This is a friend who brings out the worst in you, but causes many of those crazy experiences you look back on with fondness.

The games that best exemplify this for me is Max Payne 1 and 2. Every now and then I’ll replay them, and it always goes the same way; I blast through both of them in a weekend. Sometimes I’ll play through them twice because I fall in love with the bullet time effects all over again. Then, the weekend ends, I wake up with a wicked headache, and I promptly uninstall the games vowing to never do that again.

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