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4 Things That Shouldn’t Change on Summoner’s Rift


4 Things That Shouldn’t Change on Summoner’s Rift

Riot Games recently announced a visual update for the most played-on map in League of Legends, Summoner’s Rift. The update is essentially a visual overhaul of the entire map that preserves the current positioning of all of the buffs and bushes but allows for a more polished, aesthetically appealing map. Riot posted a video recently on their YouTube channel detailing the update and showing where all of the changes are happening. The update means that, inevitably, certain areas and monsters on the map are going to look completely different. In the spirit of nostalgia and resistance to change, here’s a list of things that the new Summoner’s Rift should preserve from the older version of the map.

The boiling pot at blue buff

Both blue and red buffs are being changed for the better, but there’s one thing that is being removed that simply shouldn’t be. The boiling pot on the campfire at both buffs is being removed for the sake of visual appeal. I don’t particularly think this is a good idea because, as YouTuber Dunkey so eloquently put it, “Why would they even be standing there if there’s no soup?” If we don’t feed the monsters at the buffs, how can we ever get ourselves fed?


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