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21 Characters That Should Totally Be in Hyrule Warriors


21 Characters That Should Totally Be in Hyrule Warriors

Let’s get real. Now that Agitha from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has joined the Hyrule Warriors roster, it’s more than evident that anything goes for this upcoming title. With the mix of Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors coming into play, there is a wealth of information, lore, and characters to borrow and use and bring all the Zelda timelines together into one action game you would have never expected to see. It’s such a rare opportunity, so I can’t help but want to speculate on what the developers will take advantage of.

Naturally, if they made Agitha, the little girl who simply collected bugs in exchanges for wallet upgrades in Twilight Princess, a playable character with intense powers and abilities, anything is possible. At this point, it seems like anyone can be a playable character, so let’s do some little speculating on just who we hope to expect be present when Hyrule Warriors finally hits shelves this September. Now, let’s get started:

Legend of Zelda Skull Kid

Skull Kid

All bets are off. It looks like this won’t be the year we will be receiving Majora’s Mask 3D like many were hoping. Still, you can get your small taste of what it would be like when you can have the Great Fairy summon the Moon (you know the one). How would Skull Kid fight though? We’ve seen him disappearing and reappearing in various locations, meaning he could perhaps teleport around enemies, delivering a flurry of quick blows from every which direction. In Twilight Princess, one skull kid was revealed to have the ability to summon various puppets to fight for him. Characters like these open up a lot of opportunities for the developers to go wild.

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