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Wild Arms-like Alphadia Genesis Coming to North American Wii U eShop


Wild Arms-like Alphadia Genesis Coming to North American Wii U eShop

It has been almost two decades since the release of Wild Arms on the PlayStation 1, but its JRPG formula still stands well against the test of time. As such, Alphadia Genesis seems to take a loving page from the retro title. Originally developed for mobile platforms, Alphadia Genesis is developer Kemco’s first foray in the JRPG genre. The game was given a simple port over to the Nintendo Wii U, however, only available on the Japanese eShop. Fortunately, games publisher Natsume has picked up the property to release it in North America.

In its transition to the console, the game has kept its same presentation, so don’t expect any wild revamped visuals. Nevertheless, like Wild Arms, it features exploration with 2-D sprites and visuals combined with 3-D rendered battles. Fans yearning for an experience of the olden days of the PS1 will likely find a lot to love here. Natsume will be revealing more information on the game at E3 next week, so stay tuned for any release dates and prices.

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