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Wii U Sales Up 666% in UK After Mario Kart 8


Wii U Sales Up 666% in UK After Mario Kart 8

Basically, Mario Kart 8 did really, really well. In the UK the game was bundled with Wii U systems which accounted for 82% of hardware sales for that week. The game itself debuted at the number two position for video game sales behind the Watch Dogs as well as second best week 1 sales for the series behind Mario Kart 7.

Clearly, Nintendo made some sort of unholy union with dark forces to bring about this new found success. Either that, or 666% increase from where Wii U sales originally stood probably wasn’t too difficult considering how amazing and popular Mario Kart is and that the only system that can play it is the Wii U. Still, a bit of fun with numbers is always entertaining and I’m hoping these strong sales are the beginning to a Wii U resurgence. I’m looking towards E3 season for Nintendo to continue this momentum into the coming months.

Where’s that .gif of Luigi mean muggin the competition when you need it?

[CVG: Mario Kart 8 boosts UK Wii U hardware sales 666%]

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