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Valve Debuts New Team Fortress 2 Source Film 'Expiration Date'


Valve Debuts New Team Fortress 2 Source Film 'Expiration Date'

At nearly 15 minutes long, ‘Expiration Date’ is the longest animated short Valve has released for its ultra popular f2p online fps Team Fortress 2. In celebrating its new Love and War update to the game which brings with it dance animations for the characters and headbutts to pass around with your friends (in that you can headbutt your teammates to celebrate or whatever); Valve’s new Source Filmmaker short epic is the biggest Team Fortress 2 film to date and a single handed justification for a Team Fortress 2 animated feature film.

Valve promises more in the following days for its Love and War update than just dancing and headbutts and it might have something to do with the mysterious timer on the TF2 official blog. Maybe the the breakout new Miss Pauling, will become an added character of sorts because seriously, she was fantastic.

Check out the film above!

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