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Twinfinite Loop Podcast Episode 12, "Nintendo's Not Beyoncé"


Twinfinite Loop Podcast Episode 12, "Nintendo's Not Beyoncé"

This week’s episode of Twinfinite Loop features a new host, me! JC was unavailable to host so instead of leaving you guys without your weekly dose of Loop again, I decided to step up and bring together a few new faces (and Andi) to record the long-awaited episode 12. Sorry if there are random noises that pop up from time to time; the recording software I was using is super sensitive.

Anyways, during this week’s episode we dig into all the gaming news that has been coming out in the last few days and discuss our favorite bit of pre-E3 news so far, our predictions for E3 announcements, and answer a question from one of our listeners, who may or may not just be Mike.

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