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Twinfinite is Giving Away a Copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order!


Twinfinite is Giving Away a Copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order!

Hello folks, and welcome back to this week’s episode of Alex Is Here To Give You Free Games!

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Thank you, thank you. I’m Alex, and I will be your ever-so-charismatic host.

Wait, did this loser really just call himself charismatic? Ugh.

(Wait, did this loser really just call himself charismatic? Ugh.)

I told you all we’d have something excited for you this week, and we wouldn’t promise you something we couldn’t deliver upon. So this week, we’re giving one lucky contestant (yes, YOU over there in the skin and the human!) the chance to win a copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order!

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Wolfenstein: The New Order opened up to some pretty great reviews, so we wanted to make sure all you beautiful people got the chance to play such an equally beautiful game (Don’t tell Bethesda, but you all are actually more attractive).

“But Alex, how do we win?!”

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I’m glad you asked, Kelly Rowland! Winning is easy!

1. Subscribe to us on YouTube!
2. Be following us on Twitter!
3. Tweet out the following line verbatim: “Wolfenstein may be popular, but The New Order truly lies with @Twinfinite forces RT”

**Remember that a valid entry includes EVERYTHING wrapped within the quotation marks, including the link!

The prize copy is a retail, physical version of Wolfenstein: The New Order for PC. The contest is open only for those with a valid U.S. mailing address. The winner will be selected at random from all the valid entries. You can enter a maximum of five times per day to increase your chances of winning. That is, you can tweet that line out to us five times per day until the contest is over for a maximum of 40 entries. That said, the contest will remain open until Friday, June 13th (*GASP*)  at 11:59pm EST. At the close of the contest, the winner will be asked (privately) to provide his or her mailing address so that we may send them their prize.

Best of luck to all our already-lucky contestants!

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