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Totally Real Last Guardian Creature Designs


Totally Real Last Guardian Creature Designs

Surely one of the worst forms of torture for Sony fans is the perpetual ‘on again/off again’ news about The Last Guardian. You can pretty much set a clock to stories popping up about it every year right around E3, and 2014 is no exception, with news coming out about its cancellation being announced and denied in short order.

Well, over here at Twinfinite we don’t actually know whether it’s gone forever or whether it’s going to rise up like a phoenix. What we do know however is that the creature from The Last Guardian has gone through a number of design changes over the years, and Team Ico’s inability to settle on one might be the reason for the delay. Behold:

Jack Guardian

Being a Sony exclusive, it’s hard to imagine the creature from The Last Guardian being more appealing to Playstation fans…until now.

last guardian of war

The only remaining photo of a failed attempt to ‘synergize multiple Sony properties.’

Last Guardionce

Celebrity endorsement was one possible solution for funding this expensive game. It was a great idea in theory, as Beyonce watches over us all, but scheduling conflicts spelled the end of this collaboration.

Reg Guardian

There was talk of making The Last Guardian a cross-platform game. Early renderings didn’t work out however.

Luigi Guardian

Late in the cross-platform experiment, there was an attempt to also incorporate memes into the design of The Last Guardian. Alas.

Finally, we were able to uncover the actual reason for the cancellation of The Last Guardian was originally announced.

Doge Guardian


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